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Help Some Local Businesses!

As I'm sure you are aware, the world is currently dealing with a pandemic that is pausing life as we know it.

Part of this global pause is the temporary closure of events and businesses... Self-employed artists, artisans and creators don't get paid time off. The people who run our independent marketplace stores and galleries (like Manchester Craft Market, Artisans Exchange, Curation 250 at Mill No. 5 and others!) depend on their creators' sales to stay in business. This is a tough time for all of us. 

I just wanted to share some links and information about some fellow creators that share space at The Manchester Craft Market! If you see something you love, your purchases, shares on social media, your comments on social media - they could mean all the difference for independent businesses.

Vivi & Kay
Vivi & Kay is your go to shop for handmade fabric headbands and scrunchies in various colors, patterns, and styles. We offer sizing for ages 0-101! Visit them at viviandkay.etsy.com